USD (Domestic and International) WiresForeign Currency Wires

USD (Domestic and International) Wires

Who can I contact for general inquiries regarding electronic payments?

Please direct all inquiries to the Treasurer’s Office @ [email protected].

What is the cut-off time to receive wire requests?

All wire requests must be received to the Treasurer’s Office by 12:00pm for processing.

What would cause wires to be returned by the bank?

Banks must ensure funds are credited properly. As a result, banks are very sensitive to beneficiary details. Names, account numbers, routing numbers, and additional required information, must match the information on the beneficiary bank account.

How do I complete a wire request form?

Please submit your wire request and supporting backup documentation in ONE scan (wire request first, followed by the backup). Please also provide two Signatures on the wire form, in the following format:
o Wet signature scanned
o Digital signature via pdf digital stamp or digital signature software stamp
o Add signature validation page if provided by the software package used

Foreign Currency Wires

When will my foreign currency wire be processed?

Foreign currency wires will be processed within 3-5 business days from date of receipt. You will receive an email confirmation acknowledging that your request has been received.

How will I know what exchange rate to use in SAP?

Accounts Payable will post the transaction with the actual currency conversion one the wire has been processed. Most departments use OANDA for currency rate estimates.

When will funds from my foreign currency wire be received by the beneficiary?

Please allow up to 7-10 business days from the transaction date for funds to be credited to the beneficiary’s account. This time frame is subject to change depending on the receiving beneficiary bank.

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